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nuxt static skeleton

After finishing this website, I shared it with the reddit community and offered to create a starter point for other peoples' blogs. Since there was actually interest, I decided to go for it and set up the skeleton application. It wasn't much incremental work from getting from this website to that application, was mainly just removing a few things and streamlining others.

You can check out the demo site here:

And the Github Repo here:

What the project includes

  • Home Page (custom)
  • nuxt-content powered:
    • About Page (markdown)
    • Contact Page (markdown)
    • Blog Post List Page(s) (with pagination - default to 5 posts per page)
    • Blog Post Single Page
  • Google Fonts (Header / Body Text can be defined separately)
  • Flexbox Grid
  • Modified Skeleton CSS
  • Google Analytics (Turned on by default, you can add your id in the nuxt.config.js file)
  • Netlify CMS for in-browser editing (at /admin) once the site is deployed
  • Interactive Editor from nuxt-content when running the dev server
  • SEO Title / Description separation for better SEO control
  • Sitemap Generation via Netlify
  • Contact form via Netlify