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still a bit busy

October 5th, 2020

well i thought i'd be back by now

Turns out that I am in fact - not - back. I know what you're thinking. Probably something along the lines of - who cares, no one reads this anyways. Technically accurate, but we don't need to go there...

My original plan two-ish weeks ago was to start working on a little site about some coding books. Specifically data science books, but also other random coding stuff. It was going to be cool, and trendy, and fun. Well actually it was going to be none of those, but it was going to be personally useful to me.

In the time since, I've gotten to put maybe two hours in total towards it? Something like that - a very unimpressive amount of time. Why, you ask? Well since then life has caught up with me in a few ways. First off, myself and my wife have embarked on an apartment hunt. And we're picky. And I want to use every available piece of data for us to make our decision. So it takes a while. So while we continue to tour every apartment in Manhattan (and we will), this little project is on hold. As is any continuation of my previous series of posts on data science resources...

The other thing holding me back from posting more is my job. I'm trying to get out from underneath an ever expanding data engineering pile and that tends to take a decent amount of work. I'm probably going to keep doing some short posts because I find them fun, but nothing lengthy for a bit.

So if you're looking for stuff to read, I'll send you back to the only real content I have on here at the moment:

So that's it for now. That's the update. If you still want to contact me, feel free to do so either here or on twitter. Or don't. You do you.