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I compiled a list of some programming books...

October 24th, 2020

Programming Book Project

So my last few posts have talked about my partial obsession with creating a small-directory of coding textbooks... Now its still a work in progress, but I figure its taking me enough time to tackle that I might as well just publish a simple version of it...

Anyways, I finished scraping a lot of programming textbooks last week. And while this list only ends up containing about 300ish books, at one point in my process I had about 7k books before I started to narrow it down a bit. I originally only planned on grabbing python and some assorted machine learning books, but the additional effort to scrape more books wasn't too much of a lift - so here we are...

Here's the Google Sheet - Enjoy!

And here's a link to the actual Google Sheet if the embedded one is messed up.


Now, I need to figure out if its worth continuing down this rabbit hole, so any comments / suggestions would be much appreciated.

If I do continue, my likely roadmap will be:

  • Tag books by programming language / topics ('SQL','PostgreSQL','Database Design',etc...)
  • Host the list somewhere so I can just make it interactive / filterable on my site. Or on another site if that's easier
  • Set up some forms for people to suggest books to add

And if not, this is probably the end of the road for this little project. But it'll at least be public on a google sheet, so anyone else can work with it!