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outline for the next few months

September 9th, 2020

welcome back

Or welcome back to me at least.

I've been out of the game for almost a month, so I'm hoping to slowly ease my way back in. I've never had a blog before now, so it seems like it might make sense to plan out what I'm trying to do.

Anyways, this blog has a few previously unspoken personal goals embedded in it:

  • First and foremost is personal / professional development. I only entered the field recently and I've done most of my learning in the span of two years. In some places I'm playing catch-up and in other areas I'd like to be able to get (and stay) ahead of others.
  • Second is keeping up with trends. Keeping abreast of all the new, cool developments in data science and other tangentially related fields can be a lot, since things are constantly changing. But since they're changing so fast, its all the more important to stay ahead of them...
  • The last embedded goal here is to do a few stupid, fun, public projects. The current industry I work in doesn't do much in the way of open source, so I sort of want to have my own little hobby pages... I don't particularly expect them to be good, but its nice to contribute to the community for once, given that google searches have been the driving factor behind almost all of my learning...

The topics I'm hoping to tackle in the coming weeks are basically the ones that I need to do myself. And they mainly revolve around finding cool publications to read and listen to:

  • Data Science Podcasts
  • Data Science Blogs
  • Data Science Newsletters
  • Data Science Communities
  • Data Science Courses
  • Data Science Books
  • Data Science Interactive Learning Tools
  • Other Data Science Resources

From there - at some point in the future - I'd like to start covering some high-level topics.

  • Data Science vs Data Engineering vs Data Analytics
  • Common Tools in Data Science
  • Common Technologies in Data Science

There's going to be a few of those that I either don't get to or skip over in favor of new ideas, but I think that's the current roadmap. Is it perfect? Nope. But it's something to start at least...

Cheers, Greg