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black friday data programming deals

November 24th, 2020

This is not going to be a complete list, by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm going to update this through the week as I come across deals that I feel should be here. It's more geared toward python / data science than software engineering. If there's a lot of interest in front-end deals, I may put something together on that.

Oh, and none of these are affiliate links. Just like... normal links and stuff. If you're feeling generous, throw me a follow on Twitter.

courses / MOOCs

There are a few specific courses / subscriptions that are on sale this week.

  • Datacamp - Annual Subscription 62% off ($149 vs typical price of $399, so ~$12.5/mo). Current month-to-month pricing is $25, for reference.
  • Dataquest Annual subscription 50% off ($24.5/mo vs typical $49)
  • Pluralsight - Annual subscriptions are 40% off, coming out to ~$15/mo, $179/yr
  • Udemy has a variety of courses that are 'On Sale', but Udemy courses are typically heavily discounted (they'll be offered for $15 vs their list price of $100-200). That said, these are still on the cheaper end of what you'll see on the site.
  • freeCodeCamp - It's free! Well, it always is. It's literally in the name, but worth mentioning regardless.
Haven't seen any deals so far


Book Bundles

...Nothing yet


...Nothing yet

Data Science-Focused
Data Engineering-Focused

...Nothing yet


-Pro Git - It' available for free at the moment on Amazon in ebook form.


IDEs, SaaS, APIs, etc. Not seeing anything at the moment.

did i miss any?

Feel free to comment below if I missed any other deals going on here!